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BMW (UK) Ltd and the BMW Group – Government & Authorities Division are wholly owned subsidiaries of BMW AG Munich. The BMW Group – Government & Authorities Division specialises in the supply and delivery of specialist and regular production vehicles for customers with special needs such as Central Government, Authorities (including Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Ambulance), the Public Sector (Local Authority) and Amber Light (Airport, Vehicle Escort, Port, Highways).

The BMW Group employs around 8,000 people directly in the UK with an additional 14,000 in its 147-strong Retailer network representing BMW and MINI brands. The company has invested nearly £2 billion in its UK operations since 2000. The UK is BMW Group’s fourth largest sales market in the world.

BMW has manufacturing plants in Europe, America, South Africa, Asia and the Far East. Of these the UK is the second largest production market with plants in Oxford, where MINI is built, Hams Hall near Birmingham that assembles all 4 cylinder petrol engines for the Group worldwide, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd based at Goodwood and Swindon Pressings.

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